September 2020

Buy Research completed an online course for client Procurement Central on “Fast Contracting”, aiming to help clients get assuredly - and quickly - into [...]

March 2020

Buy Research course “The Negotiation Workout” finalized.

February 2020

Buy Research course “Buying and Integrating Advanced Technology” finalized.

January 2020

Buy Research completed a training course in Saudi Arabia on behalf of Procurement Central/Leoron in Jeddah KSA. This led to a dozen business students [...]

Brexit – Procurement Responses

Brexit business responses. Brexit Procurement responses. How should businesses approach today’s uncertainties? The importance of knowing your markets and undertaking supply chain due diligence. [...]

Main areas to study – contract law

Main Areas to Study – Contract Law The main areas under Contract Law include: Formation of contract (offer, acceptance, consideration, intention) Capacity to form [...]