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Formed 2006. Buy Research Limited was originally focused on procurement support to R&D organizations – hence its name. Its remit has broadened to encompass 3PRRM and associated tasks focusing especially on Financial Services, Professional Services, Engineering and Public Sector.

Peter Sammons (M.CIPS) is the Director. Peter operates with a number of Associates to provide services to companies seeking *short term contract support, *mentoring and *specialist training.

Today Buy Research Limited focuses on *helping clients develop policy and process documentation aimed to meet investor, stakeholder and regulatory demands *supply chain risk reduction through better contract management and supplier visibility. Amongst the courses we run:

  • 3PRRM
  • Contract Law
  • Contract Management
  • Practical Guide to Procurement
  • Modern Slavery (transparency provisions)
  • Negotiation work-skills

Other bespoke courses are provided through Procurement Central and UK Training Worldwide.

Buy Research Ltd
Buy Research Ltd
Buy Research Ltd

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