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  • Advice and Guidance on 3PRRM (Third Party Risk and Relationship Management)
  • Advice and Guidance on 3PM (Third Party Management for Procurement/Sales)
  • Advice and Guidance on 3P professional services, especially consultancy, legal and technological R&D (“contract research”)
  • Policy documentation for 3PRRM risk-management
  • Research on Supply costs/cost reduction
  • Bespoke and Vanilla training in 3P-related commercial skill-sets:
  • 3PRRM
  • Contract Law
  • Contract Management
  • Practical Guide to Procurement
  • Modern Slavery (transparency provisions)
  • Publishing for soft-marketing purposes

We have certain commercial management policy and process materials freely downloadable via this website. Check the tabs above. If you think we can help you in any way, please call for an informal discussion or use our e-mail link:

We can introduce you, free, to associated

Cloud Based Service Providers

Finance & Contract Management

Banking & Financing Specialists

In each case we consider these firms to be leading edge in their approach. They represent good value for money. Their quality is difficult to match.

Buy Research Ltd
Buy Research Ltd
Buy Research Ltd

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