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B2C Sponsored Books

Below is a section of some of our books that companies can sponsor. These books are most suited for the general public.

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Problem Solving Techniques

strategies for dealing with life's inevitable problems!


One of life's certainties is that we will all encounter problems – whether business or personal.


  • What techniques do we need to assess problems and then to work out how to deal with them?



Home Security

practical tips for securing your home against burglars


To improve security we do not need to spend a fortune or adopt a fear-driven mentality. But we can develop a security conscious mindset that will give more confidence and peace of mind.




practical tips for managing costs at home and at work


There is only one direction in which utility bills will travel in the next few years! Negotiating better energy deals may reduce costs at the margin, but we will need to think harder if we want to make a real impact in energy use (and expense).



Carbon Agenda

– practical tips for reducing your footprint


What do we need to do as individuals to reduce our use of energy and what are the paybacks?


Some check-lists of practical suggestions to encourage us to focus on energy use and energy costs.




There is also a selection of B2B books more suitable for the business readers.