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Below is a section of some of our books that companies can sponsor. These books targeted at business readers.

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...ordinary people, extraordinary teams

  • What is teamwork and how does it add value to corporate performance?
  • What makes a good team?
  • What makes a good team leader?
  • Practical ideas to enhance team working.



Legal Services

...practical tips for managing costs


There are a number of techniques to give better control over the necessary expense of external legal services. Both parties can benefit when the client takes a proactive stance in managing legal costs.



Buying Consultancy Services

Best Practice Techniques


Most major – and an increasing number of smaller – organizations hire-in the services of business consultants.


  • What simple steps are missed to get best value from the external knowledge base?
  • How do we avoid mission creep once we have engaged consultants?



Doing Good

...staff volunteering as a corporate statement


Major blue-chip companies are discovering the advantages of engaging with the wider community to 'do good' by supporting community projects or using their specialist skills in a pro-bonum manner. This is recognized as good for staff morale, good for team building and good for the wider community.


  • How do we put in place and then develop a corporate philanthropy framework?
  • Is this about charity or does it have a genuine payback for the organization?




A world Apart

...cultural awareness in business


In a globalised world we must anticipate the need to engage with non-western cultures.


  • How do we develop cultural awareness and deploy that awareness to our organization's advantage?



Silver Lining?

Risk issues in cloud computing


There are clouds on the horizon for most businesses and public sector organizations! One cloud is to do with the way we structure and manage our IT facilities. Cloud computing offers considerable advantages and is increasingly the strategy of choice for major IT organisations.


  • Cloud computing – what is it and what risks does it entail?
  • How do we mitigate risks whilst taking advantage of the power that the cloud can offer?



Business Continuity Management

In an interconnected world, where business and commerce must of necessity cross borders, there are myriad – and seemingly increasing – risks to business. Some risks directly impact our ability to continue operations – in turn affecting our ability to earn revenue. Other risks, whilst containable, can seriously impact brand and reputation.


  • How do we sort out what risks have a business continuity impact?
  • And who is responsible?



Game Theory

Scenario planning often pays scant attention to the possible moves and counter-moves of competitors, suppliers and customers. Game Theory is a mathematical technique that can add richness and depth to our understanding of how scenarios might play out.


  • How can organizations take advantage of the power of game theory, without simply hiring in yet another set of consultants with their own proprietary methodologies?



Risk Management

To engage in business, or to create anything of lasting value, we need to encounter and to manage risk.


  • How do we focus on real risks without adopting a risk-averse or “box-ticking” mentality?
  • What is the optimum accountability mechanism to assure we focus on the risks that matter?




In an information world communication skills are vital.


  • How do we develop communications skills?
  • How do we spot team members who struggle with communication and how do we help them improve?



Brand Awareness

Brand has both tangible and intangible value.


  • What is it?
  • How do we develop and enhance it?
  • How do we manage it?
  • How do we plan to defend it?




Fraud takes many forms. In an increasingly complex business world, there are considerable opportunities for employees and third parties to engage in fraudulent activity.


  • Can we build adequate defences against fraud?
  • What are the key signs to look out for?
  • What are the minimum things we should do to know we have wisely as managers?



Cost Cutting [now also available as an e-book]

– maintaining core value from a lower cost base


All organisations face demands to cut costs.


  • How do we determine a cost cutting strategy that is sustainable over the longer term?
  • How do we cut cost without cutting value?
  • Do we really recognise a difference between tactical and strategic cost cutting?
  • How do we know everyone has the same mindset as we emphasise the need to reduce costs?


This publication is also available for anyone to purchase as an electronic book for the Amazon Kindle.


Price: $10.92 inc VAT Buy Kindle Edition from Amazon




There are dozens of books aimed to make us into better negotiators. But what is the essence of negotiation - and what simple steps can we take to enhance performance in this vital area?




We are taught many skills but the skill of listening is generally ignored – yet it is the key mechanism for developing relationships – whether corporate or personal.


This book suggests simple techniques to help us all to become better listeners.




...a price too high – a risk too far


Corruption is as old as business (and politics!).

  • But what exactly is it?

  • Why does it matter?

  • How can we guard against it?

  • How do we ensure we stay within legal boundaries?




There is also a selection of B2C books more suitable for the general public.