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Books targeted at consumers


Books targeted at business readers

Buy Research Limited is an independent UK-based publisher of business books that are published exclusively to the general reader via the e-book medium, Amazon Kindle.


Our Action Insights series of books are designed very much with business readers / decision makers in mind. People who read the business pages of newspapers or magazines will certainly be interested in these titles.


The Action Insights series are available to corporate sponsors for publication as quality paperback books. The sponsor will be identified within the book itself, which will carry their message to their target areaders. In this medium the books act as a soft-advertisement for the sponsor and creates a measure of goodwill that traditional adverts simply do not match.


Further – the cost of this type of soft / targeted advertising compares favourably with other mediums.


Buy Research books are written for an intelligent corporate (business or public sector) readership – generally for individuals who hold positions of responsibility within their organizations. Our books are short, informative and thought provoking.


The Action Insights Series provide fresh thinking on business issues and raise specific questions for the reader to consider in the context of their own business. Each book acts as an agenda-building primer for senior managers and others – enabling them to quickly ask the right questions in their own business context.


Apart from the e-book format, Buy Research books are not intended for resale and are not available in bookshops. Sponsors have confidence that they have a 'prior claim' to paper editions of the books, which are intended only to have a limited print run.


What are the benefits for Sponsors?

· Repeat impact of soft advertisement – each time book is read or passed from reader to reader.

· Creates 'natural' opportunity for follow-up

· Can be accompanied by a 'cover letter' with more direct marketing content

· Allows the option to sponsor further titles as they become available, thus creating a sense of expectation
and continuity of contact outside of the normal B2B commercial context.


And finally ............

Your direct competitors will not be able to re-sponsor any title that you have chosen. So the title will be associated in your client's mind solely with your company!

Please contact Buy Research Publications to explore how sponsored publishing can work for you.


Cost Cutting

a cultural shift to sustainable cost base reduction
(Action Insights Series) [Kindle Edition]


· Cost Cutting (Kindel Edition)Why cut costs? Why not grow revenue?

· Are all costs bad?

· When you set about cutting costs, should you slash and burn, wield a surgeon's

scalpel or a lumberjack's chainsaw? Or all of these things, simultaneously?

· How does cost cutting link to your broader strategic objectives?

· If you have to cut costs – just where do you start?

This short book is aimed for managers and corporate decision makers and contains dozens of strategies and tips for practical cost reduction.

It is available as an electronic book for the Amazon Kindle.

Price: $10.92 inc VAT Buy Kindle Edition from Amazon